Glenn Masson

Group Leader

Glenn is a group leader in the Division of Cellular Medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of Dundee, and the Post-Graduate Research lead for the Division also.  Glenn received his undergraduate degree from the University of Sheffield and his PhD from the University of Cambridge, conducting his research in the Roger Williams’ Lab at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC-LMB). He was a Junior Research Fellow at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and then had an MRC Post-doc at the MRC-LMB before starting the group in July 2020.

He is a keen vegetable gardener, likes to make cider and hedgerow wines, listens to TMS and sometimes mucks about on boats. He also forages for mushrooms and hasn’t poisoned himself yet. 

Lyssa Gold

PhD Student (Joined September 2021)

Lyssa joins the lab as a student funded by the Ninewells Cancer Campaign, after completing Masters and Undergraduate Degrees at St Andrews. Lyssa will be investigating how we might develop pan-specific eIF2a kinase inhibitors for use in chemotherapeutic resistant cells.

Vanesa Vinciauskaite

PhD Student (Joined September 2021)

Vanesa joins the lab from Maastricht University as a student funded by an MRC iCase DTP student in partnership with AstraZeneca. Vanesa will be looking at developing extremely rapid  HDX-MS as a means of screening small molecules against proteins with intrinsic disorder.

Graham Neill

PhD Student (Joined April 2022)

Graham joins the lab working closely with the Drug Discovery Unit Molecular Interactions group down at the School of Life Sciences. He will be using HDX-MS to determine how small molecule activators of GCN2 function and whether their mode of action is distinct from biological activators.