The Glenn Robert Masson (GRM) Lab is interested in how nutrient deprivation impacts cancer cells, or, more specifically, how amino acid starvation triggers the Integrated Stress Response via the protein kinase GCN2.

We investigate this process in human tissues, cells, and at an atomic level using structural biology. One way we work on this problem is through Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX).

We also develop small molecule drugs to target GCN2.

We are based at the University of Dundee, at the Jacqui Wood Centre for Cancer Research at the School of Medicine, and we are also associated with the Centre of Gene Regulation and Expression at the School of Life Sciences in Dundee.

We are always interested in enthusiastic post-docs or students working with us.

Contact Glenn if you’re interested in joining our lab.


Congratulations to Lyssa

Congrats to Lyssa for passing their Masters Viva, and many thanks to Dr Susan Campbell from Sheffield Hallam and our own Dr Gillian Smith for conducting the viva!